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Nemesis Player 2.0

Play videos, music and create DVD menus
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Michaël Cherubini

Play videos and create DVD menus that start automatically when the DVD is inserted. Supports adding music and plays a wide number of audio and video formats.

Nemesis Player combines several functions. In fact, this application has three subprograms which allow users to edit scenes, create menu projects, watch movies and listen to music. This tool supports almost all the popular audio and video formats.

As it has already been said this tool can be used for different purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a menu project, listen to music or watch movies, first of all you should add video or audio files to the ‘scenes’ window. This window is a kind of a playlist window. If you want to create a ‘DVD-like’ menu for the imported audio and video files, you should select ‘project settings’ within the ‘file’ inlay. Here you can adjust the settings of the chapters panel, scenes and chapters buttons. Audio options allow you to select an audio file which is going to be played during the menu previewing. There is also a scene look-and-feel inlay. Here you can select whether you want to show just scene titles or scene numbers, or you want the program to show both. Here you can also adjust such text settings as font size, color and others. In the background inlay you can adjust background picture for your menu. At the right side of the main window there is a settings window. Here you can give a name to each file and set some time parameters. Setting time parameters helps you to avoid file cutting. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.

There is a small preview window on the left side of the main window. The player itself is opened in a separate window. It has a display and a bar with the main control buttons. This player plays all the scenes of your project. This tool is totally free so anyone can try it.

Damir Buzikov
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